Lt Col Sam Sachs is turning 105 years old on April 26th, 2020. His plans for a big birthday bash have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 threat.
In lieu of a birthday party, Sam has asked for birthday cards. Let’s help him make his wish come true!

Send cards to the Assisted Living Home where he lives:

Mom and Dad’s House
C/O Lt Col Sam Sachs
4340 Conquista Ave.
Lakewood, CA 90713

Lt. Col. SAM SACHS (US Army ret.)

At the age of 17, Sam Sachs joined the US Army and served in World War II at several bases in the United States, Ireland, England, Africa, and Italy. He served in the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division. Sam and his fellow soldiers were inserted into Normandy during the Normandy Invasion on CG-4As – called “Flying Coffins”, the most widely used US troop/cargo glider of WWII. Flown by infantrymen, these fabric covered wood and metal airframes were towed to the battlefront by airplanes. While approaching Normandy they were shot at many times but Sam’s glider received just one bullet hole.

The 325th Regiment fought in Normandy for over a month, sustaining heavy causalities before withdrawing to England for refitting and replacements. Prior to the Normandy invasion, Sam was instrumental in planning the glider force and was a company commander in charge of 200 soldiers. Returning to the 82nd Airborne Division as they entered Germany, Sam’s unit was one of over 40 units to liberate a concentration camp.

After completing his service, Sam became a school teacher in Southern California. On June 6th, Sam Sachs received French Legion of Honor medal by Consul General of France on the 75 anniversary of D-Day. Sam is turning 105 years old on April 26.